Each week a match will consist of the following sets of games

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Singles 501 (easy in/double out) - 3 games

Each player starts with a score of 501.  The winner is the first player to reach zero by doubling out on the number you begin your turn with.  Players alternate throwing three darts, adding up the score total of the three darts and subtracting it from their previous score total. Doubles and triples count accordingly.  If you score more points than are left, you have busted and your turn ends. Your next turn you will start with the same number of points that you started with on your previous turn.

*If both players agree, you may change to "double out" or even "double in, double out"*

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Singles Cricket - 3 games

The objective is to "own/close" the numbers 15-20 and bullseye AND achieve the highest number of points. The first one to do this wins. Players alternate throwing three darts. Once a player scores three of a number he/she owns said number. If the player scores again on a number he/she owns, the player will receive points equal to the number's value. If the other player scores three of the same number, the number is then closed and no player can gain points from said number. The inner ring counts as three scores, outer ring counts as two scores. The inner bullseye counts as two, and outer bullseye as one.






Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Doubles 301 (double in/double out) - 2 games

The same rules apply here as are listed above for 501, however it is played with four players alternating turns.  In this game a team must "double in" and "double out".  In order to start subtracting points from your score a team must hit a double first, and those double points will be the first points deducted. A player does not have to hit a double with their first dart, but rather throws three darts every turn. One must "double out", meaning to finish the game you must hit one of the 21 doubles, and that double point total must bring your score to zero in order to win.

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Doubles Cricket - 2 games

This has the same rules as single cricket, but is played with four players instead of two.  Players alternate with Player 1 - Team 1 throwing first, Player 1 - Team 2 throwing second, Player 2 -Team 1 throwing third, and Player 2 - Team 2 throwing fourth.   The first team with all numbers closed out, and highest score wins.

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Vulcan Cricket or 701 easy in/double out - 1 game

Whoever is winning the match can choose to play Vulcan Cricket or Triples 801 easy in/double out.  In case of a tie, the home team can choose which game to play.

VULCAN CRICKET is the same as above cricket games but on a grander scale. This game is played with six players total and additional numbers that need to be closed.  In addition to 15-20 and bullseye, teams must close 12, 13, and 14.